Apple’s face lock will open without removing the mask of user

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New features from Apple’s latest iOS 14.6 operating system make the iPhone experience special.

Internet browsing and text messages can be read while watching videos using the Picture in Picture feature

Tech giant Apple has recently released its latest operating system iOS 14.6. This new operating system will only change the experience of using the iPhone. IPhones are a lot more expensive than Android but its advanced features are worth the money. Today we will introduce you to 5 features that make iPhones special …

1. Face lock will open in iPhone without removing the mask


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Masks are the only remedy in the fight against the Corona epidemic. Seeing this, Apple has launched a new feature. This feature allows the user to use the Face Unlock feature without removing the mask. To do this, go to Settings and start the Face ID, Passcode of the Unlock with Apple Watch option. This feature will only work when your Apple Watch is in sync with your iPhone. Assuming you don’t have an Apple Watch, you can remove the Face ID option and select the 4-digit password option.

2. Picture-in-Picture feature

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Apple’s Picture-in-Picture mode runs iOS 14 smoothly. It can be used to browse the internet while watching videos. Also the message can be read, but it will not support the YouTube app in iOS. For this, you have to go to General Settings and select the Picture in Picture option.

3. Remove advertisements from the app

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Apple has added a new feature to iOS 14.5. It can be used to turn off ads on the app. For that you have to download a new app. This will let you know which app will not get ads. This option can be removed at any time.

4. Understand the battery condition

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This feature allows users to understand the battery capacity and device performance in the iPhone 11 series. This new feature in iOS 14.5 reveals the real condition of the battery. Information can be obtained by tapping the Battery Health option in the Settings menu.

5. Make searching songs easy

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Users can search for songs from the app clip with iOS 14.6. Searching for the control center in the setting can help you learn about music. The control center can be accessed by swiping down.

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