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Convesio is a new managed WordPress hosting company that boasts a fast and reliable cloud hosting infrastructure. at the time of writing, the service is still operating in beta, however they are planning to launch officially in the second quarter of 2020. Therefore, you might see their website design and marketing material change a little over the next couple of months.

Convesio was founded in 2018 by Tom Fanelli, an experienced marketer and product developer who has worked for many small businesses and Fortune 500 companies over the last 20 years. Currently living in the bay area of San Francisco with his wife and four children, Tom has been fortunate enough to present for organisations such as Microsoft, Intuit and Sage Software. In short, Tom is bringing a lot of experience to the WordPress world.

What Does Convesio Do Differently?

Promoting themselves as “The first self-healing, autoscaling, platform-as-a-service for creating and managing WordPress websites”, Convesio are aiming to do things a little differently than other managed WordPress hosting companies. managed WordPress companies are not usually 100% upfront with how customer’s websites are hosted with them. Sure, they will talk about the reach of their content delivery network and say that their network has DDoS protection, but they are not always open about the way host WordPress websites.

Truth be told, most managed WordPress hosting companies place entry level customers on shared hosting plans and higher tiered customers on virtual private servers (VPS). Most customers are unaware of this as all they see is the customer dashboard.


  • You can set preset properties for the file conversion (for example, when converting to JPG, you can set desired color mode and resolution).
  • Very good price, pay what you use. Good free tier option for development and integration phases.
  • Cheap (much value for the money). Great support that really want to help you.


  • When converting document files it can sometimes mess up the file if the font is missing in Cloudconvert.
  • It was confusing in the beginning for the interface and knowing which button to press. It still takes me a second to figure out which button to press.
  • The fact that this converter is online limits you to your bandwidth, so it is complicated to convert big files because sometimes it throw timeout error.

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Convesio Features

The vast majority of Convesio’s features were created to save you time.

New websites can be set up in under a minute. You don’t have to worry about containers, load balancers and database clusters. All of the technical work is processed in the background.

Backups can be processed daily right up to every 180 days and you can enable a Let’s Encrypt powered SSL certificate at the touch of a button.

Convesio has also built a caching system into their infrastructure, therefore there is no need to use a caching WordPress plugin. As I am sure you are aware, caching your pages will deliver static pages to visitors and ensure that page loading times are significantly quicker over dynamic pages that have to load everything every time the page is loaded.

Convesio Pricing

Convesio have an extremely competitive pricing policy.

Interestingly, the company allows you to sign up free of charge and use a container for testing, development and website staging. This plan is obviously not designed for a live website, but they have generously allocated the free container 512MB of memory, one virtual CPU, one PHP worker, 5GB of storage and backups.

Their entry level $15 per month plan has a similar configuration, but is designed to handle up to 10,000 monthly visitors. It also offers four PHP workers and is load balanced.

Their $25 per month plan is designed for high-traffic websites that receive more than 25,000 monthly visitors per month. It increases resources to 1GB of memory, two virtual CPUs, eight PHP workers and 10GB of storage.

The $50 per month plan was created for more intensive websites such as online shops that require more resources. It increases resources to 2GB of memory, four virtual CPUs and 16 PHP workers.

Convesio provides a pricing calculator for those that want to calculate the cost of hosting multiple containers with them. This is useful if you have more than one website and want to work out how much it will cost to migrate all your websites to Convesio.

Convesio Speed


Convesio take this mindset one step further with their adoption of containers. With no single point of failure, the chances of your website going offline because of a hardware issue is extremely low.

We should not forget that Convesio are a managed WordPress hosting company. That means that you will get features such as daily website backups, uptime monitoring and premium WordPress support. Website staging and other useful WordPress management features are coming in 2020.

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